What Happens if the Mother Wants to Put Their Baby Up for Adoption but the Father Doesn’t?

Question by sdkldfkjlldjfk .: What happens if the mother wants to put their baby up for adoption but the father doesn’t?
What if..

A woman is pregnant by a man who was not her boyfriend or husband.. & she wants to put the baby up for adoption to give it a better life that she knows that her herself cannot provide, but he doesn’t agree & doesn’t want her to put his child up for adoption.

**–ALSO what if the guy is not a stable, respectable good person in society. (Drug addiction, conviction, bad past, has been in & out of jail, etc.)

What happens in a situation like this?

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Answer by sarahliz1624
The man has the right to have custody of the child. If she doesn’t want it, she gets no say in who raises it. You need both parents concent to put a baby up for adoption. Being convicted of a crime does not strip you of your parental rights. Probably shouldn’t have slept with him if he’s not a stable, respectable member of society.

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