What Is Meant by the “Treatment Era” of Prisons? What Treatment Programs Are Commonly Used in Prisons Today?

Question by June: What is meant by the “treatment era” of prisons? What treatment programs are commonly used in prisons today?
What is meant by the “treatment era” of prisons? What treatment programs are commonly used in prisons today? Do you think that these types of programs are effective? Why or why not?

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Answer by LeaLea
I believe that term is referring to the rehabilitative element to prisons these days. I believe that some prisoners are able to be rehabilitated and some are not. Just like a rehab from drugs or alcohol, they subject has to be willing. There are some “conditions” that I do not believe can truly be overcome. When a person is sick enough to sexually molest a child I think there is no changing the mental damage that must have been done to that criminal. Outside of being castrated (which some of them are chemically castrated) there is no way to keep people exposed to them safe. And even with chemical castration, the urges mentally are frequently still there.

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