What Real Life Stories (Well, or Un, Known) Do You Call Upon to Try and Guide Yourself or Those You Know?

Question by cab99smilin: What real life stories (well, or un, known) do you call upon to try and guide yourself or those you know?
Given the recent and unfortunate end to Eddie Griffin’s life:


As a parent, and mentor I ask if others would be willing to advise of stories you feel are worth sharing with youth today. I have always been of the opinion that while such examples of life lessons are not always welcome, do not always carry an impact, eventually one will strike a chord.

So I am looking for a direction to some stories of normal and abnormal circumstances that have tragic or triumphant or even unspectacular results. All are of value whether for others considerations or just appreciation.

Thanx for your help.

Best answer:

Answer by Linner
I use life lessons learned-by me, or by my friends and family. Been through a lot at a young age and overcome! Drug addiction, alcoholism, arrests etc. Because I’ve been through these things, I volunteer and talk to teenagers and tell them my story and listen to theirs. It’s rewarding, but people choose their path. They change or reach out when they’ve had enough. Great question. Nice to see something positive on here!!!

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