Drug Testing

Drug Testing Children?

Question by ptcanon: Drug Testing Children?
I read an article online today regarding schools randomly drug testing student athletes and it made me wonder what people think about drug testing children in general. From what I’ve seen and heard in the past, many people are opposed to… Continue reading

Whats a Good Rehab Center in Texas or Near Albuquerque, New Mexico?

Question by johnsonbeth77: Whats a good rehab center in texas or near albuquerque, new mexico?

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Answer by surfjax32
There are several good places in both states and several organizations that can help you. It is hard not know what your problem/addiction is to recommend a place. Each place… Continue reading

Dearborn Native Sean Madigan Hoen Writes About Punk, Addiction in 'Songs

Dearborn native Sean Madigan Hoen writes about punk, addiction in 'Songs
It's night and he, his mother and his younger sister, Caitlin, have no idea where his dad, a Ford Motor employee with a crack cocaine addiction, has gone after bolting from rehab in his daughter's car. "One night… Continue reading

Ballot Initiative Seeks Drug Testing for Doctors

Ballot initiative seeks drug testing for doctors
Born after the accident, their daughter Noelle, now 7, is pictured as an infant, center. This photo was provided by the … The initiative is named for the children of its chief proponent, northern California Internet entrepreneur Bob Pack. In 2003 …
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Safe and Sound in the Lion's Den

Safe and sound in the Lion's Den
Trish Fisher is the owner-operator of The Lion's Den, a brothel in the 1800 block of Alberta Avenue in Saskatoon. Her business is fully licensed, she pays income tax … It's another tool to help the police ensure that hopefully the girls aren't… Continue reading

Drug Abuse Dangerous – No Matter Where You Are

Drug abuse dangerous – no matter where you are
RECENT reports of alleged drug abuse by Singaporeans overseas (“S’porean dies after collapsing at drug-hit Jakarta concert”, Tuesday; and “Six dead after drug overdose at KL music fest”, Sunday) are reminders that drug abuse is dangerous. The National …
drug abuse… Continue reading

St Peters Drug Rehab?

Question by mom of 5: st peters drug rehab?
does any one know the phone number or web address to saint peter drug rehab in houston tx. its not in the phone book.

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Answer by JT
Couldn’t fins St Peters but here is a list of other rehab… Continue reading

What Are Some of the Websites on Drugs ?

Question by KeKe: What are some of the websites on drugs ?

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Answer by Plea for Peace!
www.erowid.org can be solid.

just don’t trust any government website that claims “facts” about any drug.

Answer by ilovedifferentcultures
This site has just about everything: http://www.talktofrank.com/home_html.aspx

Mississippi will begin drug testing… Continue reading

Drug Testing for Walmart?

Question by Carissa: Drug Testing For Walmart?
So last week I had a interview for Walmart, and I had passed the interview with flying colors, well except that last night before the interview I couldn’t sleep so I smoked some weed to put me to sleep. Don’t take me wrong… Continue reading

Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force Makes Progress

Prescription drug abuse task force makes progress
Anyone looking for more information on prescription drug abuse in Indiana or how to find help for their addiction can find it at the website created by the Attorney General's office at www.in.gov/bitterpill. Additionally, students can receive free …
Read more on Purdue… Continue reading