Drug Testing Children?

Question by ptcanon: Drug Testing Children?
I read an article online today regarding schools randomly drug testing student athletes and it made me wonder what people think about drug testing children in general. From what I’ve seen and heard in the past, many people are opposed to this concept. I don’t understand why. Yes, it is an invasion of children’s privacy. But I tend to side with the mean parents that stay in their kids’ business. And I’m all for rewarding children that stay straight and clean…and the early warning that your kids are experimenting seems like invaluable information. So, what are your thoughts on the matter? Does anyone actually do it? Do pediatricians assist in handling the tests without a bunch of questions? It’s not that I don’t trust my kids. I just want to do what’s best for them. And being proactive doesn’t sound like such a bad idea to me.
I do not believe everyone is guilty of drug usage by any means. Just like I would take my kid in to test them for lead poisoning if I suspected they had come into contact with it I am talking about preventative care. And yes, I’m talking about older kids…say 10 +. And I’m not talking about schools making it mandatory for all kids. Yes, I agree that schools should use their funding for other purposes. I’m talking about parents taking a personal responsibility to spend a little money to ensure their kids aren’t making bad decisions that will ruin their lives.

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Answer by MamasGirl007
My dad did it to all of us randomly throughout our adolescence. It’s how we found out my little sister had a meth problem. She’s 19 and been clean for 27 months now. You can but the tests at the local drug store.

Answer by Velken
Its not like they are testing 5 year olds. School drug testing usually involves high school athletes. At that age, no matter how diligent the parent, kids do get away with stuff. If they need to randomly test to keep the competition fair and the kids safe, then test. I’d rather my kid be tested and pass than not be tested and die from some stupid drug he’s taking to perform better on the field.

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