Drug Testing for Walmart?

Question by Carissa: Drug Testing For Walmart?
So last week I had a interview for Walmart, and I had passed the interview with flying colors, well except that last night before the interview I couldn’t sleep so I smoked some weed to put me to sleep. Don’t take me wrong I’m not a over the top stoner who smokes at every opportunity, but I do smoke here and there, like alot of fellow 20 year olds do.
But they told me I was hired as long as i pass the background check and drug test.. That had me a little worried. then she told me within 24 hours! I was freaking out. I tried everything, cranberry juice, gelatin, b12, water weight pills. but the next morning I took the test.
I called Walmart every now and then, and the lady kept telling me that the drug test wasn’t back yet, even my background check came back (Perfectly clean by the way) then today she told me they sent her a email with a number I had to call, called that number, and they told me I tested positive for weed… So my question is, since I have a clean record, would they still consider me for the position?

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Answer by Liz
Nope because you failed the drug test:) ahahahaha

Answer by Mitch Connor
Stop smoking weed or you’ll never stop working at Wal-Mart.

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