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Teen Drug Abuse Becoming an Epidemic, Must Be Addressed

Teen drug abuse becoming an epidemic, must be addressed
According to reports, teen drug abuse has been on the rise over the past decade … I notified the police authorities about my identify theft, and thankfully, they were very responsive – and successful – in setting up a sting operation… Continue reading

Lupus Links Patients, Physician

Lupus links patients, physician
Dr. Wambui Machua could see the panic in Uvil Knight's eyes after his very ill daughter was diagnosed with lupus at Georgia Regents Medical Center. Photos. Back | Next. Dr. Wambui Machua, a fellow training at Georgia Regents University in … There are …
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Detox Services Greensboro | Drug Rehab Center Greensboro NC | Treatment Centers Greensboro

Detox Services Greensboro | Drug Rehab Center Greensboro NC | Treatment Centers Greensboro — Detox Centers in Greensboro utilizes safe and medically proven methods, providing a …

Local officials tout drug trials
Greensboro was a distant second at 465. The biggest listed contributors are Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center… Continue reading

Drug Detoxing : Will They Take Me Off All My Drugs at the Same Time?

drug treatment center hiv positive

Question by Alexander: Drug detoxing : will they take me off all my drugs at the same time?
Okay so firstly try not to judge me too much I know I’m a screwed up junkie, but there’s point in telling me something I already know. 

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State Oversight May Tame California Pot Shops

State oversight may tame California pot shops
A California lawmaker has introduced legislation to regulate the state's free-wheeling medical marijuana industry – the farmers that grow the drug, the hundreds of storefront shops that sell it and especially the doctors who write recommendations …
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Fight Against Prescription Drug Abuse Leads to Rise in Heroin Use

Fight against prescription drug abuse leads to rise in heroin use
WASHINGTON — From the beginning, the U.S. government’s decade-long crackdown on abuse of prescription drugs has run an unsettling risk: that arresting doctors and shuttering “pill mills” would inadvertently fuel a new epidemic of heroin use.
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Addiction Treatment Center Honolulu Call 808-638-4054 for Help Now HI

Addiction Treatment Center Honolulu Call 808-638-4054 For Help Now HI — Addiction Treatment Center Honolulu Call 808-638-4054 For Help Now HI. If you are looking for Rehab Center Honolulu HI, R…

Studies show big promise for HIV prevention drug
Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave… Continue reading

Taking Prescription Methadone Into Thailand?

Question by __A_YAHOO_USER__: Taking prescription Methadone into Thailand?
I am travelling to Thailand and take prescription methadone for pain. Can i legally bring this into Thailand with letters from my doctor without being arrested.



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Answer by venom_da_hunter
i wouldn’t… Continue reading

Costly Hepatitis Drug Sovaldi Rattles Industry

Costly hepatitis drug Sovaldi rattles industry
The drug has also prompted a new round of hand-wringing over a larger issue: the escalating cost of specialty drugs, which are designed to treat chronic illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis and sometimes require special …
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I Live in Northwest Pa I Have Chronic Pain and Looking for a Dr or Clinic to Help Me With Methadone?

Question by mavis16313: I live in northwest pa i have chronic pain and looking for a dr or clinic to help me with methadone?
some surrounding towns i can travel to , franklin pa , erie pa, oil city pa , . i have tried everything and have no… Continue reading