Fight Against Prescription Drug Abuse Leads to Rise in Heroin Use

Fight against prescription drug abuse leads to rise in heroin use
WASHINGTON — From the beginning, the U.S. government’s decade-long crackdown on abuse of prescription drugs has run an unsettling risk: that arresting doctors and shuttering “pill mills” would inadvertently fuel a new epidemic of heroin use.
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Letters: Drug abuse starts with the individual
The Times offers a very simplistic analysis of America’s drug dependence. As an emergency room physician, I see many chronic-pain patients who “run out” of their allotted opiates and then run to an emergency room. I am sometimes threatened with …
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Growing prescription drug abuse in India says UN report
Prescription drug abuse is growing in India and is a serious problem in South Asia, according to a UN report which said drugs enter the region’s illicit markets through various channels, being diverted from India’s pharma industry and smuggled from …
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New campus coalition for alcohol, drug abuse prevention formed
1:23 p.m., March 6, 2014–The newly formed Campus Coalition for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention held its inaugural meeting earlier this semester to begin expanding and advancing alcohol prevention initiatives at the University of Delaware.
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Letters: Drug abuse starts with the individual
The article identifies doctors as the primary source of narcotic painkillers for chronic abusers and says a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study challenges the belief that the abuse epidemic is caused largely by users getting drugs from …
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