Taking Prescription Methadone Into Thailand?

Question by __A_YAHOO_USER__: Taking prescription Methadone into Thailand?
I am travelling to Thailand and take prescription methadone for pain. Can i legally bring this into Thailand with letters from my doctor without being arrested.



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Answer by venom_da_hunter
i wouldn’t think so… it’s illegal 99% of the civilized world

Answer by Cardina E
Check with your embassy in Thailand BEFORE YOU GO, they can give you all the relevant info.

You should ask them –

– How much you are allowed to bring
– Whether or not you have to declare it at customs
– If there are fees at customs for this item (or taxes)
– What documentation you will need to bring
– What “precautions” you have to take (ie – does it have to go in hand-held luggage, does it have to be in a sealed and marked container).

You should also get your embassy to write you a letter saying that they know you are bringing it and that they have informed you of all necessary legal information pertaining to it. Otherwise, customs may decide to allow you to bring it in, but may decided that they are either going to take some for themselves or that they are going to make you pay a “bribe” for letting you through, despite the fact that you are allowed too.

I learnt about the letter the hard way. I sought all the info regarding taking Endone for migraines to Indonesia, and when I went to customs they said I was allowed it but I would have to pay “bakshish” or else they would not let me out of the airport. They wouldn’t let me call anyone, so I paid AUS200. I called my embassy straight away and they said that I should have had a letter and that if I did this wouldn’t have happened.

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