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Suspect Grown Daughter Is a Drug Addict?

...  beat the crap outta her a few times before she left. (Father of the baby, a drug addict, crack, herion etc.. ) She has migraines and panic attacks, The docs gave her counseling advice and a lot of Xanax, Effexor and Paxil along with her Migraine stuff. (I can’t… Continue reading

Is It Possible to Get Adderall Without Health Insurance.?

...  use a remedy that is free of adverse or unwanted secondary effects completely. Alternative Treatments Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies – A number of adults have tried natural remedies as an alternative to psycho-stimulants and other drugs. Small trials have found some agents, such as oral flower essence, Ginkgo biloba,… Continue reading

My 19 Year Old Son Is a Heroine Addict While I’m Still Paying Child Support NJ?

...  for him to begin community college. Obviously, he can’t continue school under his conditions. So does anyone know if there is a way for me to legally stop paying child support in order to have money to help my child get into a good rehab center. The amount of… Continue reading

Arizona Woman Shares Overcoming Drug Addiction to Save Others – KPHO Phoenix

...  to save others. Brie Kuiper started abusing drugs and alcohol when she was 13 years old, and after …arizona addiction – Google News Drug addiction — Dr John Marsden from the Nationa Addiction Centre talks about drug addiction. Groups urge Tennessee governor to veto prenatal drug use bill (CNN)… Continue reading

Ballot Initiative Seeks Drug Testing for Doctors

Ballot initiative seeks drug testing for doctors Born after the accident, their daughter Noelle, now 7, is pictured as an infant, center. This photo was provided by the … The initiative is named for the children of its chief proponent, northern California Internet entrepreneur Bob Pack. In 2003 … Read… Continue reading

'We'Re All Paying:' Heroin Spreads Misery in US

...  EMS coordinator likens the situation to "coming in and eating breakfast — you just kind of expect it to occur." A local rehab facility has a six-month wait. One school … Read more on DlnnewsAddicts, families at Trumbull summit say there is hope Perhaps the most emotional story… Continue reading

Diet Works to Treat Epilepsy. What’s Your Reaction ???

Question by yesucan: diet works to treat epilepsy. What’s your reaction ??? Evidence a High-Fat Diet Works to Treat Epilepsy Meryl Streep and Seth Adkins in “First Do No Harm,” a 1997 film about the diet and epilepsy. By ALIYAH BARUCHIN Published: May 6, 2008 A formerly controversial high-fat diet… Continue reading

Man Gets 10-20 Years in Toddler's Death

...  gets 10-20 years in toddler's death The child's mother, Jamie Campbell, was away from home at the time, having given birth to a baby in Indiana Regional Medical Center. According to … “It doesn't matter if you say, 'drugs were in my system, I didn't know what I… Continue reading

Parents of Year-Old Phoenix Girl Accused of Abuse

...  of year-old Phoenix girl accused of abuse After arriving at the family's home Saturday, police say they found the child with numerous bite marks and injuries. Police say Phoenix Fire Department paramedics were called to provide medical treatment to the girl. Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. Read more on… Continue reading

Is There Anywhere in South Australia Where You Can Forcibly Take a Drug Addict for Treatment/help?

...  help, evaluation….so far all I know is he can be arrested and assesed but then let out in an hour/day….I am talking about a drug addict, now off the stuff for a few days, mood swings, manic depressive, violent, lying, basiclly coming down from ICE and in need of… Continue reading