Suspect Grown Daughter Is a Drug Addict?

daughter drug addict help
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Question by Cactus-Flower: Suspect Grown Daughter is a drug Addict?
Not sure what to do. She’s living on her own, works, goes to school full time, Just got accepted to grad school. Has a 3 year old child. We as her parents help her out alot, I babysit, Dad gives her money to pay for gas and incidentals. Single mom but recently just got engaged. She was living with a very abusive man that beat the crap outta her a few times before she left. (Father of the baby, a drug addict, crack, herion etc.. ) She has migraines and panic attacks, The docs gave her counseling advice and a lot of Xanax, Effexor and Paxil along with her Migraine stuff. (I can’t remember the name of it)
Now she’s addicted. Her personality is brutal, mean, We have always been there for her, went to court with her, supported her, Her friends report she’s popping pills like life savers and leaves the child unattended cause she is passed out. I never took pills, neither did her father, We don’t do drugs. Am just so confused as to what to do. I tried talking, it didn’t work.
When I mean I tried talking, I tried the staged intervention. Should I grab a professional when I do this? I’m so confuse. I have never gone this way before.
I meant I’m so confused. I type faster than my mind works. Thank you for all your input. I really do have to do something. I will call tomorrow to child protective agencies and see if I can go from there. I really don’t know what else to do.
thank you for the link on Effexor. That sounds just like her. I will call protective custody tomorrow and her doctor. I know she only sees one doc. but she could be getting “street stuff” also.
thank you for your understanding.

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Answer by live life
tell her to do safer drugs such as marijuana

Answer by Lisa R

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