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State Pursuing Two Options to Make Cannabis Oil Available to Epileptic Children

State pursuing two options to make cannabis oil available to epileptic children
The most promising solution, he said, would involve Georgia Regents University, the state's medical school, partnering with G.W. Pharmaceuticals, a company that's already developed a "purified liquid cannabinoid" and which is currently undergoing …
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Sober College | Drug Rehab | Young Adult Rehabilitation Center

Sober College | Drug Rehab | Young Adult Rehabilitation Center — http://sobercollege.com/ is a drug & alcohol rehab center that specializes in the treatment of young adults with substance abuse issues and co-occurring diso…

Former NBA Star Shares Personal Story of Addiction Recovery at Event Co
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What Should a CNA Working at a Drug Rehab Center Expect?

Question by …: What should a CNA working at a drug rehab center expect?
I just applied to be a part-time CNA at a substance abuse treatment center, but my clinical rotation took place in a nursing home, and I have only ever worked with elderly, wheelchair-bound, total-care patients who… Continue reading

My Family Is Torn Apart, My Parents Are Dead, Im a Jobless, Homeless Drug Addict, I Need Help, What Can I Do?

Question by : My family is torn apart, my parents are dead, im a jobless, homeless drug addict, I need help, what can I do?

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Answer by Angel
how are you on here?
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Do Drug Treatment Centers Test With the Standard Pre Employment Test or the Extended Test?

Question by EpicFail: Do Drug treatment centers test with the standard pre employment test or the extended test?

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Answer by knicname
I don’t know where you live, but in NYC it’s common place for drug treatment programs to do a urine screen. Don’t know what you… Continue reading

33 Burning Questions From Round 1

33 Burning Questions From Round 1
Also, am I on drugs right now? You're not on drugs; you're fine. Nobody ever doubted Nene's talent, as evidenced by his earning more than $ 86 million since 2006 (with another $ 39 million guaranteed through 2016) despite never averaging 15 points or… Continue reading

Police: GPS Helped Solve, Didn't Deter Killings

Police: GPS helped solve, didn't deter killings
SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) – GPS technology helped police link two convicted sex offenders to the rapes and killings of at least four women in California, but the mother of one victim said Tuesday that the monitoring system should have done more to… Continue reading

Health Advocacy Group Petitions Bill Targeting Pregnant Drug Users

Health Advocacy Group Petitions Bill Targeting Pregnant Drug Users
The Lancaster Republican said the bill is designed to help a woman and her unborn child. She said the bill targets addicted women who would never seek help like drug treatment or prenatal care on their own. "They're not thinking about… Continue reading

Addiction Treatment Center in New York

addiction treatment center in new york — http://www.drugstrategies.org/New-York/

DiaMedica to Present at the 2014 GTC Diabetes Summit
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA — (Marketwired) — 04/15/14 — DiaMedica Inc. (TSX VENTURE:DMA), a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of diabetes and its complications, today announced it will be presenting an overview… Continue reading

What Is the Stroke Drug Being Researched in Israel to Cure Cancer?

Question by Kevin7: what is the stroke drug being researched in Israel to cure cancer?
Haaretz ofri ilani

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Israeli scientists find stroke drug could help cure cancer

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