What Should a CNA Working at a Drug Rehab Center Expect?

Question by …: What should a CNA working at a drug rehab center expect?
I just applied to be a part-time CNA at a substance abuse treatment center, but my clinical rotation took place in a nursing home, and I have only ever worked with elderly, wheelchair-bound, total-care patients who probably weren’t trying to kick a meth habit.
What would my duties include? How dangerous is it?

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Answer by Janjuc

You are probably best to talk with your cohorts about this, especially people who have worked in the same place as you are going to work.

You should also have some one who is your mentor whilst working there and give you support with what to expect, also have an orientation program set up for you.

You will probably find that 95% of the patients are no problem and are co-operative, the other 5% would / should be the patients with more complex needs and should under the care of the more experienced staff.

Can’t be more specific as each rehab centre has their own protocols and what is usual practice in one may not be at another and you may need to be proactive to find out these things….

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