Drug Use Isn’t Criminal


Drug Use Isn’t Criminal – I do seem to have conflicting views on this subject in this video; I say we need to tackle the drugs trade but also seem to condone the legalisation of drugs. Substance abuse cause huge problems across society and can affect the smallest most hum-drum family to the biggest most powerful nation. The problem however is not the recreational users who take a pill or two at the weekend. It is the trade that should be targeted and not the individual users but to patronise these casual users by saying their use of recreational drugs is an illness is not going to combat anything. Legalisation of drugs is one of the only realistic ways of combating addiction and the shady world around drug trafficking, dealing and usage. It is the society around the drugs that are the problem, not the drugs themselves. To also claim that these drugs are more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco are quite frankly false. Look at the statistics www.drugscope.org.uk I also do not believe that legalisation would vastly increase drug usage. All the people who want to take drugs have found out ways of doing it by now, I dont think any flood gates will be opened, they will just stop being labelled the criminals. The Guardian article: www.guardian.co.uk My BlogTV show for Sunday: www.tinyurl.com


Gang member gets life for 'Compound' murder

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According to evidence at trial, Maurizzio, a recovering drug addict who had been managing an apartment building near the Royal Oaks Post Office, wound up in the multi-unit Compound on a relapse. Witnesses … Don't insult one another or the subjects of …
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.6M grant helps Maine combat underage drinking

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Your article has been sent. AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A $ 2.6-million federal grant is coming Maine's way aimed at reducing underage drinking and prescription drug and marijuana use among young people. Maine's Office of Substance Abuse and Mental …
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Generic Drugs Health: Does It Make A Difference If It's Generic Or Not?

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According to a 2010 report from The Drug Abuse Warning Network, antidepressants contributed to <a href="http://www.samhsa.gov/data/2k10/WebSR018Pharma50+/Pharma50+HTML.pdf" target="_hplink">8.6 percent of emergency room visits</a> by adults 50 and …
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