Are People Happier and More Secure Because of the Plunging Values?

Question by arioch: Are people happier and more secure because of the plunging values?
Reflect on some of the results: heightened mistrust, insecurity, failed relationships, children growing up without a father or a mother, pandemics of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, drug addiction, and violence. These realities clearly do not spell satisfaction and success but, rather, sorrow and failure.—Galatians 6:7, 8.
“If personal morality comes down to nothing more than the exercise of free choice, with no principles available for moral judgment of the quality of those choices, then law will inevitably be used to fill the resulting moral vacuum.”—DR. DANIEL CALLAHAN.

CALLAHAN’S concern has become all too real, for the growing moral vacuum in many parts of the world has forced governments to pass countless laws in an effort to curb crime. At the first-ever Nigerian Mothers’ Summit, the president of Nigeria expressed his deep concern about the country’s future. He had in mind, not politics or poverty, but “a much deeper problem”—the “general erosion of . . . core values within the family, at work, in the community and nationally.”

In Britain a survey of 1,736 mothers found that “the traditional family unit is in meltdown due to plunging moral values and the rise of single parents.” In China too, morality is taking a nosedive. People there are having sex earlier in life and with more partners than ever, reported Time magazine. “It’s my life, and I can do what I want,” said a young Chinese woman who boasted of more than 100 sexual partners.

Moral erosion has also affected those in authority. “People no longer look up to their leaders as strong moral exemplars,” stated Javed Akbar in Canada’s Toronto Star newspaper. Politicians, heads of corporations, and even religious leaders “appear to lack the proper moral fibre,” he said.

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Answer by mook Prophet of Java Atheati Spy
Confirmation bias. The world sucks and you blame it on morals, ignoring the fact that the world has always sucked.

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