Methadone or Suboxone in Anchorage Area?

Question by blackjack63e: Methadone or suboxone in anchorage area?
I have been a opiate addict for 5 years and was wondering if there any methadone or suboxone dr’s in the anchorage area. And are there any other requirements to get methadone or suboxone other than being addicted to opiates?

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Answer by J Miller
There is only one methadone clinic in Anchorage. It’s called Narcotic Drug Treatment Center Inc
Center for Drug Problems and is located at 520 East 4th Avenue, Suite 102, Anchorage. The phone number is (907) 276-6430.
There are more Suboxone doctors though. You can find all Suboxone providers in Alaska at this site:!provider_search.process_query?alternative=CHOICEG&one_state=AK

The requirement to be accepted into a methadone or suboxone program can vary from program to program and state to state but in general the only requirement is that you are over 18 and have been addicted to opiates for at least one year. You normally have to have opiates in your system at intake and some clinics require proof that you are an addict, like needle marks, records from previous detox, drug related arrest records, records of prescriptions, etc. Others just want someone who knows you to verify that you are an addict by signing a letter saying so. You can call the program and ask.

Methadone is generally cheaper than Suboxone but the rules at Suboxone programs are more lenient. A lot of insurance policies cover Suboxone though.
Both medications work very well if you get the proper dose for you and you stay on it long enough (preferably at least 2 years). Which one is better depends on the person. Some people do great on methadone but didn’t do well at all on Suboxone while others do better on Suboxone but hated methadone. You just have to try and see which is best for you. I would recommend that you try Suboxone first if it’s possible for you. If you’ve been using for five years I wouldn’t even bother trying a suboxone or methadone detox. They almost never work. Your chances are best if you get on a good maintenance dose that keeps you feeling normal for at least 24 hours and removes all your cravings. The longer you stay in treatment the better your chance is for success.

Good luck!

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