I’m a Disowned Drug Addict!!?

Question by Glenn: I’m a disowned drug addict!!?
For the record, yes I have posted this under another account. Just look for a variety of opinions.

Anyhow, I’m the youngest of three brothers. I’m 18 and my brothers are 19 and 20. We all live in different states, none of which are close to each other— my oldest brother is in Maryland, the other in Montana, and myself in Arizona— so we haven’t seen each other since Christmas. I’ve been addicted to cocaine for the last two months and after much denial finally admitted to myself that I have a problem and decided to tell my brothers as well. Neither of them knew about my addiction and were shocked and hurt when I told them, but despite that I want help they still want nothing to do with me. They never return my calls, they don’t answer any of my e-mails or letters, and they’ve never touched base with me to see how my recovery is coming. I’m hurt by this because I wanted to get better and maybe rekindle a decent relationship with my brothers, but they’ve completely disowned me. I’d still like help, but what can I do about my brothers? Why are they doing this to me?

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Answer by dee
well it’s good that you can admit to our current disease. I honestly think there’s nothing you can do to change your brothers. What matters is trying to change yourself and show them you are a great person. If they choose to be distant then let them.

Answer by Pride
You said that you have never been close and it isnt easy to deal with a drug addict. Maybe they just dont or cant deal with that right now.
Or , maybe they also do drugs and they are doing you a favor by staying away.
The list of possibilities are endless.
Maybe you could try asking them for help and if they say no then ask why.
Tell them that you are hurting and could really use some family to help you get through this.

If they wont help , you can still do this. Please dont let the rest of your life be like this. I know its very hard but it can be done. Many organizations exist to help people with drug problems. Look in the phone book, call a crisis line, but do something. Dont let your brothers lack of concern stop you from being the best you , you can be. I wish you the best.

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