” a Good ” Drug Rehab. and NO Insurance?

Question by ***35***: ” a good ” drug rehab. and NO insurance?
OK, i know someone very hooked on Oxy. not just pill taking, but crushing and snorting and from what i read, outpatient will most likely not work. So can only the insured or wealthy get help for severe drug problems?

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Answer by yayamagoogooyabbadabbaoobydoo469
You can go to a detox and then go to NA metings where there are many people with no insurance but who stay clean anyway. It comes down to a simple question— What are you willing to do to get clean??/ If you answer anything but “anything” then you aren’t ready.

Answer by CYNDIE S
have you checked around and talked to the rehab centers, there may be some out there that will take payments and cut the rate for you since you are not insured. dont know what your financial situation is but i had to do that with my family member years ago and we paid the bill off in abnout 5 yrs. there were times i couldnt pay but tried to get back on track and they were very understanding. it may take a lot of phone calls to find just the right ppl but dont give up. it is worth it

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