What Is the Stage of Progress of the Action Taken by the Government to Combat Drug Addiction?

Question by -aryanne- L: what is the stage of progress of the action taken by the government to combat drug addiction?
what is the stage of progress of the action taken by the government of the Philippines to combat drug addiction?

what has the government done so far as Overpopulation is concern?

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Answer by Corporate America Sucks
Not a damn thing except lock more people up and spend more $ $ $ $ on building more prisons.We spend approximately $ 50,000 a year per inmate,(more for the old and sick),than any country in the whole world.They(the government)keep stuffing the prisons over capacity so they can build more.What does this country don’t get that when you lock someone up for drug abuse and not HELP them with rehabilitation,they will get out and use again because they still have a problem with drug addiction.What a scam which needs to be thought out better,because the WAR against drugs is not working,just like prohibition.

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