What Is the Best Medicare Coverage for Mesa Arizona?

Question by nana: what is the best medicare coverage for Mesa Arizona?
Looking for good medicare coverage for 92 year old man has medical problems increase and money not available.
He as lived in Meza for over ,I’d say 20 years. He was a member of the Navy and was on the New Jersey ship. I’m sure what Medicaid would give him.

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Answer by Flower
Are you talking about Medicare or Medicaid? Did he recently emigrate to the U.S. and is that why he does not have Medicare? If he has Medicare, the way you choose a health plan is look in the book they send him and before December 31 this year, he can change plans. They give a starred rating system to the different health care plans. When I lived in Arizona I had Medicaid and had Mercy Hospital and St. Joseph’s and they were good but I dont know which Medicaid plan it was under ACCCHS

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