Teen Drug Prevention Strategy Part 1


Teen Drug Prevention Strategy Part 1 – A fundamental fact of addiction is that it is a childhood disease. In order to address teen substance addiction, we need to address it through early interven…


Oh, Go Ahead, Destroy Marco Rubio

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If that's the sort of abuse Carroll takes without losing his “love” for Rubio … well, he should be a guest on Dr. Phil. What's the positive side that compensates for all this? Wherein lies the greatness of Marco Rubio, the shining achievements that …
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10 things you'll be talking about Tuesday, July 2

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Milwaukee church documents show the archbishop's frustration with the Vatican's response to priest sex abuse problem. 7. WHAT ZIMMERMAN TOLD POLICE ABOUT TRAYVON MARTIN. Police testifying at Zimmerman's trial say when the ex-neighborhood watch …
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Kam's Kapsules: Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun

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Stuck in Love (R for profanity, sexuality and teen drug and alcohol abuse) Midlife crisis drama about a year in the life of a famous novelist (Greg Kinnear) suffering from writer's block since being dumped by his wife (Jennifer Connelly). Cast includes …
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