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Drug Treatment Centers in West Virginia | Call 800-303-2938 for Help

Drug Treatment Centers in West Virginia | Call 800-303-2938 For Help — Drug Treatment Centers in West Virginia – Call 800-303-2938 For Help In West Virginia, the total number of drug victims is increasing year after year. That i…

The Frozen Children: The Rise—and Complications—of Embryo Adoption in the …… Continue reading

Drug Addiction Center May Soon Locate in Mercer Co.

Drug addiction center may soon locate in Mercer Co.
BLUEFIELD (WVVA)-A long-term drug addiction center could soon be coming to Mercer County . Scott Adkins, Executive Director of The Healing Place in Huntington, tells WVVA they are awaiting approval for a $ 440,000 state grant. The treatment facility …
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Not-So-Quick Fix

Not-So-Quick Fix
In January a new law went into effect that allows the family and friends of those who abuse opioids—including heroin, codeine, and addictive prescription drugs such as Vicodin, OxyContin, and Oxycodone—to obtain and administer naloxone, which can …
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Lucas County Commissioners, other officials… Continue reading

VIDEO: Community Group Seeks to Eliminate Prescription Abuse

VIDEO: Community group seeks to eliminate prescription abuse
"Our goal as private citizens is to empower patients who are legitimate patients, who desire and deserve legitimate pain care, to fight the problem of prescription drug diversion and abuse,” Radcliffe said. He said pain care patients will undergo a …
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Alcohol Addiction Support Groups – See This Now

Alcohol Addiction Support Groups – See This Now — Visit: – Alcohol Addiction Support Groups — Rehabilitation treatment Handling all types of addictions, Is alcohol, drug us…

This Maine woman used her alcohol addiction to help others. Now, we need a
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Is There Any Drug Rehab Centers in California ?

Question by Coz M: Is there any Drug Rehab Centers in California ?

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Answer by Meta
Yes there is.. California is a big city, of course it has drug rehab centers.

Answer by Jennifer E
There are all kinds of drug rehabilitation centers in CA. There are a… Continue reading

Where Can I Find a Free or No Cost Drug Rehab? I Live in Se Ks So Hopefully in Ok, Ks, or Mo.?

Question by john j: where can i find a free or no cost drug rehab? i live in se ks so hopefully in ok, ks, or mo.?
i’ve search the web & all the low cost rehabs that i find start off w/ a $ 10,000 down… Continue reading

What Is Drug Abuse?

Question by alhassan m: what is drug abuse?
what are some of the problems

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Answer by Elector
Drug abuse is overusing prescription drugs. Drug abuse is taking illegal drugs that the Food and Drug Administration refuses to approve because they are harmful to your health,… Continue reading

Where Can I Look Up Drug Rehab Programs in Virginia?

Question by capoeirakid: Where can I look up drug rehab programs in Virginia?
Okay, so my mom and her friend are starting a lfe coaching business. I’m going to help them by finding programs such as rehabs, support groups, charities, etc. for their clients. Right now, I’m helping… Continue reading

Caught Dealing Painkillers at Seattle Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, Vietnam

Caught dealing painkillers at Seattle Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Vietnam
A Seattle resident, Shepard was caught in one of the more troubling drug crimes imaginable – he was dealing powerful prescription painkillers to addicts he courted through treatment programs. For a healthier man, the federal drug crime conviction that …… Continue reading