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Drug Overdose Prevention Task Force Holds Series of Presentations

Drug Overdose Prevention Task Force Holds Series Of Presentations
NOPE began in Florida and was brought to Pennsylvania last year. … “It's important to be the hero and tell someone if you know someone who's using drugs,” says Price, noting that “Be The Hero” is just one of the messages… Continue reading

Prescription Drug Abuse Is Up; Where Teens Are Hiding Theirs


Prescription drug abuse is up; where teens are hiding theirs – The key places to look if you think your kid is hiding something.


AZ inmate who escaped and killed Oklahoma couple in 2010 could f

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The defense argues he has a low… Continue reading

If Guys Use Drugs Heavily, Do They Have a Chance for Birth Defects?

Question by R S: If guys use drugs heavily, do they have a chance for birth defects?
I’m getting very serious about a guy who I know in the past has had very heavy drug usage, cocaine, meth, acid, etc….and still on occasion uses them now. If I end… Continue reading

Social Work Major Social Problem?

Question by Kady P: Social work major social problem?
I need to write a graduate paper on a major problem in America and a suggested change.
I want to involve kids in the foster care system or juvenile delinquency.
Any ideas?

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correlation between… Continue reading