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Arizona Woman Shares Overcoming Drug Addiction to Save Others – KPHO Phoenix

Arizona woman shares overcoming drug addiction to save others – KPHO Phoenix

Arizona woman shares overcoming drug addiction to save others
KPHO Phoenix
A Valley woman's dependence on drugs and alcohol nearly killed her more than once. But she overcame addition and now she's sharing her experiences to save others.… Continue reading

URGENT. Alcoholism Treatment Programs?

Question by Caroline: URGENT. Alcoholism Treatment Programs?
My dad has a really serious problem. He’s always liked a drink but it was never serious until three or four years ago when he began to drink heavily. In the last two years he lost his license, his job and has recently… Continue reading

Modern Addiction: Our Heroin Epidemic

Modern addiction: Our heroin epidemic
Heroin seizures in those counties, home to Las Vegas and Reno, jumped to roughly 63 pounds in 2012 and 88 pounds last year, said Kent Bitsko, director of the Nevada High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. “We have seen heroin explode,” he said. “We're …… Continue reading

Is There Any Drug Rehab Centers in California ?

Question by Coz M: Is there any Drug Rehab Centers in California ?

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Answer by Meta
Yes there is.. California is a big city, of course it has drug rehab centers.

Answer by Jennifer E
There are all kinds of drug rehabilitation centers in CA. There are a… Continue reading

Community Coalition Confronts Prescription Drug Abuse

Community coalition confronts prescription drug abuse
Prescription drug abuse accounts for about 45 percent of all overdose deaths, which is more than heroin, cocaine and other illegal drugs combined, according to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. Those at the Ela Coalition Against Youth Substance Abuse …
drug abuse –… Continue reading

Proposed Tenn. Law Would Prosecute Drug-Addicted Pregnant Women

Proposed Tenn. law would prosecute drug-addicted pregnant women
… baby is addicted, harmed or dies because of the drug use. Manager or Recovery Services at Peninsula Outpatient Centers Mary Nelle Osborne said that the state should make a financial investment in treatment options in order for the system… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Wilmington NC | Drug Rehabilitation Service Wilmington

Drug Rehab Wilmington NC | Drug Rehabilitation Service Wilmington — http://wilmington.alcoholicrehabilitation.net/drug-rehabilitation-service-wilmington Detox Wilmington utilizes safe and medically proven methods, providing a…

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Drug Rehabilitation Facilities?

Question by itsme: Drug Rehabilitation Facilities?
I want to go to an outpatient rehab facility once I turn 18 (less than one week away), that way my mother won’t have to consent to anything. I don’t want her to find out, but I’m still under her insurance. Are there any… Continue reading

Drug Rehab in Wisconsin?

Question by jp020855: drug rehab in wisconsin?

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Answer by clk4cb
Find the right Wisconsin drug rehab or drug rehabilitation treatment center ideally suited to your specific needs. Call us today at 866-690-7244.

Wisconsin governor signs package of anti-heroin bills
The package includes additional funding for new and… Continue reading

Drug Rehab?

Question by bseig06: drug rehab?
Does anyone know of a drug rehabilitation/detoxification center that takes more than one inurance company? Or one that doesn’t cost a lot?

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Answer by John P
If you are serious about getting help for yourself or a loved one and do not have… Continue reading