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I’m a Disowned Drug Addict!!?

Question by Glenn: I’m a disowned drug addict!!?
For the record, yes I have posted this under another account. Just look for a variety of opinions.

Anyhow, I’m the youngest of three brothers. I’m 18 and my brothers are 19 and 20. We all live in different states, none of… Continue reading

Prescription Drug Abuse Up Among U.S. Teens: Survey

Prescription Drug Abuse Up Among U.S. Teens: Survey
TUESDAY, April 23 (HealthDay News) — The United States appears to be in the throes of a prescription drug abuse crisis among teens, with a new survey showing that 24 percent of high school students — more than 5 million kids —… Continue reading

ASMR Soft Spoken Role Play – Tingly Facial Treatment (Skin Advice 40.000 Subs!!?)

ASMR Soft Spoken Role Play – Tingly Facial Treatment (skin advice 40.000 subs!!?) — Hi everyone! I was in a really good mood today to film a role play so here it is 😀 Imagine that you walk into a health spa and that i’m going to give you a… Continue reading

Are There Really Alternative Forms of Treatment for Cancer?

Question by Cerantine: Are there really alternative forms of treatment for cancer?
I was told that in Mexico there is 100% effective treatment of cancer by Hydrogen Peroxide types of treatment and also 100% effective forms of treatment by the use of a Multi-wave Oscillator.… Continue reading

What Rights Does a Father Have if His Name Isn’t on the Birth Certificate?

Question by caseylstephens: What rights does a father have if his name isn’t on the birth certificate?
I have a friend who has had his daughter for the last year after her mother abandoned her at his home in Minnesota. The mother has drug problems and was detained while in… Continue reading

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Patient Experience

Alcohol addiction treatment patient experience — Patient from New Zealand , alcohol detox treatment. http://www.heroindetoxeurope.com/

1/3 of NZ families affected by alcohol and drug problems
Mr Bell said that the survey also showed 15 percent of New Zealanders don't know where to go for help when faced with a family… Continue reading

Porn Addiction?

Question by John J: porn addiction?
i started masterbating when i was twelve to the victoria secret magazines. soon i started masterbating everyday slowly becoming a loner and not seeing anyone at all. my grades went down tremendously because all i did was masterbate. when i was 15 i found… Continue reading

Methadone or Suboxone in Anchorage Area?

Question by blackjack63e: Methadone or suboxone in anchorage area?
I have been a opiate addict for 5 years and was wondering if there any methadone or suboxone dr’s in the anchorage area. And are there any other requirements to get methadone or suboxone other than being addicted to opiates?

Best… Continue reading

” a Good ” Drug Rehab. and NO Insurance?

Question by ***35***: ” a good ” drug rehab. and NO insurance?
OK, i know someone very hooked on Oxy. not just pill taking, but crushing and snorting and from what i read, outpatient will most likely not work. So can only the insured or wealthy get help for severe… Continue reading

Why Drug Addiction Is So Huge in Ireland?

Question by YaroElf: Why Drug Addiction Is So Huge In Ireland?
Just simple curiosity…

I stumbled upon an article from some Irish website that claimed that in 2011 80% of

Irish drink beer daily or once in two days. An average pub crawl night for an Irish is 3L of… Continue reading