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Driving Permit and Drug & Substance Abuse Course?

Question by Dave: Driving permit and Drug & Substance abuse course?
Hey I’m finally 15 and I’m studying to get my Permit to drive. Now I live in Florida and I know that you have to take a test & sit through a alcohol and Drug substance abuse course… Continue reading

Online Shopping Addiction


Online Shopping Addiction – Created using PowToon — Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/ . Make your own animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free to…


Report: More people seeking help for heroin addiction

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“We've made efforts to close the… Continue reading

Can You Help Me With Some Websites That Collarates Addiction to Genatic Predisposition?

Question by Isadora: Can you help me with some websites that collarates addiction to genatic predisposition?
I want websites that proves the theory by evidence that they isolated the gene responsible for drug abuse – addiction , if you pls :)?
I want them for a research about the… Continue reading

How Does the US Compare to Other Countries in Stopping Drug Smuggling and Working on Drug Enforcement?

Question by NinjaBerrySharry: How does the US compare to other countries in stopping drug smuggling and working on drug enforcement?
I’m doing a research paper on the US government and drug abuse in America. I was just wondering if anyone knows if the U.S. has more problems with drug… Continue reading

Does Anyone Know How Long DHHS Investigates on Children in Arkansas With No Evidence?

Question by Tiffani Montoya: Does Anyone Know How Long DHHS Investigates On Children in Arkansas With No Evidence?
Just Was Wondering Because Dhhs Is Looking For My Friends Kids For Them having there house smell like marijuana.. Let Me Kno As Much As Possible. Thanks.

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Answer by… Continue reading

Have Any Seniors Quit Bad Habits or Addictions After Retiring or After Quitting a Stressful Job?

Question by Glenda: Have any Seniors quit bad habits or addictions after retiring or after quitting a stressful job?
I’m talking about cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc.–or any crutch that helped you get through the day or night.

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Answer by Poppy
I quite smoking 25 years ago. Not… Continue reading

How Is Custody Determined When Social Services Takes the Kids?

Question by serena_dee: How is custody determined when social services takes the kids?
A woman I know of is most likely going to lose her kids due to abuse. Kentucky social services is talking about giving “indefinate” custody to one of the kids’ (divorced) grandparents or other relatives like… Continue reading

Does Anyone Know Any Programs or Grants in California to Help Get You Into a Rehab for Alcohol?

Question by Kaitlyn M: Does anyone know any programs or grants in california to help get you into a rehab for alcohol?
Im broke and have no credit for a loan and need help sap ad yet cant find anything cheaper than about 1500 a month which is really… Continue reading

WTVF 2011-06-10 6PM Prescription Drug Addiction.mov


WTVF 2011-06-10 6PM Prescription Drug Addiction.mov – Cumberland Height’s, Dr. Chapman Sledge.


Keating talks prescription drug abuse at BOLD Coalition meeting

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U.S. Rep. William Keating speaks to those attending Friday's BOLD Coalition annual meeting about some of his experiences with cases involving prescription… Continue reading

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Florida Depression and Drug Free


Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Florida Depression and Drug Free – http://www.dualdiagnosistreatment.us/dual-diagnosis-treatment-centers-in-florida – Get rid of depression and addiction at the same time with help from our du…


Central Marin Police Log: Woman arrested for DUI following vehicle rollover

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She stated… Continue reading