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New Jersey Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

New Jersey Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Galloway, NJ Welcomes New Drug Treatment Center: Addiction Treatment
Addiction Treatment Services International (ATSI) recently opened its doors in Galloway, New Jersey. The 8500 square-foot drug and alcohol treatment facility “aims to transform the rehabilitation industry one life at a time.” ATSI… Continue reading

Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic Is Topic of Summit Thursday in Lower Paxton

Prescription drug abuse epidemic is topic of summit Thursday in Lower Paxton
“The Centers for Disease Control say overdose deaths from prescription painkillers have reached epidemic levels,'' '' said Commissioner George P. Hartwick, who oversees the county's Drug & Alcohol Services, which is coordinating the summits …
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Residents From Back2Basics Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program Win 1st

Residents From Back2Basics Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program Win 1st
Flagstaff, AZ (PRWEB) April 28, 2014. Back2Basics drug and alcohol, long-term treatment center took home 1st place in the chili cook off held at the Alano Club in Flagstaff, AZ. Proceeds benefit at state youth group. Residents Jake, Joe,… Continue reading

Criminalizing Pregnant Women Who Use Illegal Drugs: 'Throwing a Lit Match'

Criminalizing pregnant women who use illegal drugs: 'Throwing a lit match'
… who use illegal drugs: 'Throwing a lit match'. Shutterstock. When the Tennessee General Assembly voted last week to criminally prosecute women who use illegal narcotics during pregnancy, it ignored, among other things, the major medical community's …… Continue reading

Dearborn Native Sean Madigan Hoen Writes About Punk, Addiction in 'Songs

Dearborn native Sean Madigan Hoen writes about punk, addiction in 'Songs
It's night and he, his mother and his younger sister, Caitlin, have no idea where his dad, a Ford Motor employee with a crack cocaine addiction, has gone after bolting from rehab in his daughter's car. "One night… Continue reading

Caron Renaissance | Drug Rehab in South Florida | a Fathers Story

Caron Renaissance | Drug Rehab in South Florida | A Fathers Story — Got up early this morning to take my son to the airport for a long flight from AZ to Ft Lauderdale Fl where he will begin drug rehab at Caron Renaissance in South Florida to overcome his… Continue reading

Drug Treatment Centers in Hawaii | Hawaii Island Recovery

Drug Treatment Centers In Hawaii | Hawaii Island Recovery — Out of all the drug treatment centers in Hawaii, there is one that stands out Hawaii Island Recovery. Luxury 90 day addictio…

Workplace drug tests won't catch all drug addictions
It's a scenario Lisa Cook, executive director of the… Continue reading

Edmonton Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Edmonton Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center — Women Into Healing Greater Vancouver BC Edmonton Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center (60…

Pope Good Friday service underscores plight of the suffering
Pairs of immigrants, prisoners, homeless, elderly, women, disabled, former drug addicts and others alternated carrying a large cross between each… Continue reading

'We'Re All Paying:' Heroin Spreads Misery in US

'We're all paying:' Heroin spreads misery in US
In Butler County, Ohio, heroin overdose calls are so common that the longtime EMS coordinator likens the situation to "coming in and eating breakfast — you just kind of expect it to occur." A local rehab facility has a six-month wait. One… Continue reading

Medicare's Data Release a Step Toward More Efficiency

Medicare's data release a step toward more efficiency
An ophthalmologist in West Palm Beach, Fla., topped the list by raking in more than $ 26 million to treat fewer than 900 patients. That is … That such information could "mislead the public into making inappropriate and potentially harmful treatment …… Continue reading