Reviews of 449 Recovery Drug Treatment Program in Orange County, CA


Reviews of 449 Recovery drug treatment program in Orange County, CA – Testimonials of recovering addicts that have been treated by Rodney Robinson and the vision of 449 Recovery. Reviews of the treatment programs of 449 Recover…


The Discovery House Heads to Magic Mountain for Fun, Fellowship and

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There are several steps involved in a comprehensive treatment program, and one of the key elements is to develop a specific plan to help them avoid relapsing back into drug and alcohol use after discharge from the residential treatment phase. Without a …
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Former Searcy pitcher suspended

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Amphetamine is considered a performance-enhancing substance in viloation of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. As a first-time violator of the program, Howard has been suspended for 50 games, effective immediately. Howard, 20 …
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Sheriff: Suspect in burglary at large

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Personally, I think we have a moral duty to find, arrest,  involuntarily commit them to drug treatment, and/or incarcerate every addict we can find….get them out of public and off the streets…in drug abuse treatment programs whether they like it …
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