Marijuana Addicts: Before and After


Marijuana Addicts: Before and After – Here are disturbing images of marijuana addicts before and after they became addicted. Don’t let this happen to you or those around you. Learn more at: http:…


Number of drug addicts in Armenia up 50 pct over two years

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"According to the studies conducted in 2011, the actual number of drug addicts exceeded 12,700 people. The average age of drug addicts is between 29 and 49," Semerjan said. Semerjan noted that the use of cannabis, opium and cocaine is widespread in …
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First Coast man says medical marijuana saved his life

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"My family has a history of pill abuse and pill addiction which really plagues a lot of families especially in this area and I just could not put myself in a position like that," added Battle. He was living in Colorado at the time, where medical …
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Rocky Point lighting a clean path for bored, curious kids

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The surveys and group discussions revealed that marijuana and alcohol abuse are common substances students use and have problems with, Sloan said. According to a presentation on the focus group results, students indicated they believe marijuana use …


Edward Kennedy's mischievous impulse

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Perhaps you have wondered of late about the national movement to legalize marijuana. It comes on the heels of a vast national movement to eliminate from daily life an addiction that was widely practiced, though it endangered no one other than …
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