Jump Start Your Health Part 1 1080I


Jump Start Your Health Part 1 1080I – Speaker: Dr. Alan Palmer DC (Website): www.Wellnessdoc.com Location Palmer Center Of Natural Healing Address: 8600 E Shea Blvd , Suite 110, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 ***To Schedule An Appointment Please Call: 480-443-2584 ***Mention This Video and get 25% Off Your Xrays and Exam! Intro: Jump Start Your Results with Chiropractic and the Naturopathic Lifestyle ! Outline: Who Is Dr. Alan Palmer DC ? Why Are We Here? The 3 Primary Goals What are the top 3 Causes of Death in America? “Doctors are the THIRD Leading Cause of Death in the US” Adverse Drug Reactions Healthcare Industry MYTHS (Aspirin) Common Misconceptions of Health:


Need a shave, shoes or to let out the seams? It's all in the Village

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Halloween is coming up, and you can find unique decorations at La Mesa on Big Basin Way. Village merchants will host the annual Witchy Walk-A-Bout on Oct. 27, 2-5 p.m. Our Lady of Fatima Villa is hosting friendly and safe trick-or-treating at its open …
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