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Recovery is still possible

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A Recovery Walk was staged through the streets of Morwell, facilitated by Latrobe Community Health Service, and attended by Associate Professor David Best, head of research and workforce development at Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre. Professor …
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Scribner woman gets prison for drug charge

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His attorney told the court Rosendahl recently completed inpatient treatment and is beginning aftercare for his substance abuse. Judge Hall kept Rosendahl's bond at $ 10,000 or 10 percent and released him to the custody of his parent's farm in Creston.
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Vets deserve better

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If admitted for inpatient treatment, the care is substandard at best. My friend was inpatient at the Oakland VA for a week and never saw a physician; the physician did, however, prescribe the psychiatric druge Trazadone the day before his discharge …
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