I’m a Heroin Addict?

Question by takingsunday21: I’m a heroin addict?
Ok, to start im a 20 yr old male. I started using heroin about 5 or 6 months ago, when i was 19. I really hate what ive become. I have an awesome girlfriend, who doesnt have any idea about my problem, actually, none of my family knows. im a very skilled guitar player, but havent done anything productive since i started using. I know that in a twisted way, im fortunate to be seeking help this early in my addiction. so yes, my withdrawal period will be easier than someone whos been using for years but, at the same time, im to far in for it to be anywhere near easy. going cold turkey is not an option, i tried, and became extremely sick, and i never want to feel that way again. also an in house rehab center wouldnt work, because i have a fulltime job and i really dont want anyone to know about this, my family, friends, or co workers. Once im off, relapsing wont be an obstacle. It wont happen, im so ready to be off this damn drug. man, a methadone treatment would be ideal, but i want a doc.

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Answer by First Lady
Not sure what your question actually is, but if you’re addicted to heroin, then you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get off of it….that may mean going on leave from your job or whatever. You have to do what you have to do to get off of it and it’s not always on your terms, but if you’re serious, then you need to call your doctor and get referred somewhere.

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