If Cannabis Is Legalized, Portugal Could Be a Window Into California’s Future


If Cannabis is Legalized, Portugal Could Be a Window into California’s Future – In this video, I narrate my most recent article at CAIVN. Opponents of cannabis legalization worry that it will have a detrimental effect on society. That feeling is understandable, but citing a Cato study, I take a look at Portugal where all drugs were decriminalized in 2001. Ten years later not only has Portugal avoided a nightmare of spiraling drug addiction, all signs indicate that drug use in Portugal has declined. Read the original article here: caivn.org And please Digg it up here: digg.com My website: www.humblelibertarian.com


Birmingham Maple Clinic Reports Teens and Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse on

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The clinic, which treats a variety of mental health conditions, including adult and teen drug addiction, reported that the UC study is an important reminder to parents that drug addiction has many different forms. Lori Edelson, therapist at the …
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