I Have to Find a Drug Rehab in Kerrville, Texas. How Will I Do This?

Question by avianna ig: I have to find a drug rehab in Kerrville, Texas. How will I do this?
I need to do this for my best friend. I never thought that she would get herself involved in drugs, but now she has. A lot of our friends have already steered clear of her, but I really want to help her. I don’t know how, though. Any suggestions?

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Answer by pepper
Contact Al Anon – They’ll help you
980 Barnett St
Kerrville, TX 78028
(830) 257-7355

Answer by charlene m
First off, does she want to be treated? If not, then I guess you would have to talk to her first or do a drug intervention. If she still doesn’t want to get treated, then I guess you would have to wait for her to make that decision on her own, at her own time. If she does agree to getting herself treated, then that’s good. The links below will be able to help you out in your search. Good luck!

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