How Will I Be Able to Find Drug Rehabs in Sunland Park, New Mexico?

Question by blanca b: How will I be able to find drug rehabs in Sunland Park, New Mexico?
My little sister has gotten herself into bad company– she learned how to do drugs because of them. She has now recognized the folly of her actions and is willing to get herself treated. Can anybody tell me how I can find drug rehabs in Sunland Park, New Mexico?

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Answer by mikeyzdream
Go to your Health Dept. They have an Alcohol and Drug Network. Or, look in the phone book. I’ll pray for her.

Answer by catrina p
You can take her to the doctor. At least then the doctor will be able to properly assess her situation and give you recommendations regarding the right kind of treatment program for her. You can also ask the doctor for suggestions on which drug rehab you should take your sister to. Or you could browse through the yellow pages or check the links I’ve provided below. Good luck and I really hope your sister gets herself treated soon!

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