How to Work With Drug Addicts?

Question by Popcorn: How to work with drug addicts?
I thought of working with drug addicts today, like how would I get to that position? What sort of jobs are available in rehab centers and drug treatment centers? What type of degrees would I need to get?

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Answer by ThirtyEightSnub
Education Requirements for a job as a substance abuse counselor depend on the hiring agency. Some counselors have a high school diploma and
certification while others have a bachelor’s degree or
master’s degree. Since some of the best substance
abuse counselors are those who have overcome addiction themselves, this is one of the few jobs
where a degree from the school of hard knocks can
outweigh university schooling. Counselors with more
education will be trusted with less immediate
supervision and licensed counselors can provide
one-on-one counseling.

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