How Is ALCOHOL a Social Problem ?

Question by : How is ALCOHOL a social problem ?
How is alcohol, drunk driving, and anything related to alcohol a social problem ?

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Answer by Stephanie K
america makes it mainstream then it becomes a social problem . thanks to the media.

Answer by Bonkers B
Alcohol impairs the way people think, talk, act, and judge.

Alcohol problems led to house fire 'cry for help'
Sponsored by. fleetwoodcarcentre. A woman set fire to her Blackpool home in a cry for help over her alcoholism, a court was told. Sylvia Smith set her bedroom alight before her son poured water over burning material and managed to get her out of the room.
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Hitting the mommy juice too hard? Experts warn of alcohol abuse by moms
In a survey, almost 40 percent of respondents said drinking helps them cope with the stress of being a parent and more than one-third said they have mom friends who they think have a problem with alcohol. Wine is the beverage of choice, with …

ART Treatment for Alcohol Problems
“The clinical techniques used in ART help patients cope more effectively with their emotions by helping people experience and deal with negative feelings in an environment that does not involve drinking.” … “For people who report problem drinking in …
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