How Do You Handle a Family Member Trying to Commit Suicide?

Question by *TiNK*: how do you handle a family member trying to commit suicide?
I don’t really want to give out too much information about it, but my mother tried to commit suicide by overdose friday night. she od’d on pills and went drunk driving (she has a history of both, but was sober for 4 years til 06) i just thought that this chapter of my life was done but i guess that it’s not. how do you cope with this?? & can you please pray for me and my family. this isn’t the first time we’ve gone through this

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Answer by sky64
May God bless this woman and her daughter, Heavenly Father we pray you uphold this family during this crisis.

Honey, you will remain in my prayers! Keep the faith and remember, depression and alcoholism are serious diseases. Love your Mom and know she is a victim just as you are.

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