How Can I Help My Neighbor Find an Addiction Treatment Center? We’re in Omaha, Nebraska, Btw.?

Question by aleah v: How can I help my neighbor find an addiction treatment center? We’re in Omaha, Nebraska, btw.?
My neighbor, who also happens to be a very close friend of mine, has gotten herself involved in drugs ever since her son died. It took her only a little time to get addicted, and she now wants to stop. She really needs to get herself treated. How can we find an addiction treatment center here?

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Answer by sligo_freekwater
I am also in Omaha. There’s a treatment center in O’Neill that is a VERY popular facility. Hazelton in Minnesota is supposed to be the best around, though.

Answer by cwstufff
Call a local hospital and ask there
Or look at for Omaha and look for social services.

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