How Can I Break My Fast Food Addiction? I Need to Loose Weight, Any Tips to Fight Craving?

Question by : How can I break my fast food addiction? I need to loose weight, any tips to fight craving?
How can I break my fast food addiction? I need to loose weight, any tips to fight craving?
I need to loose weight, but my problem is I eat mcdonalds everyday for lunch, and crave it so bad. Any tips to control this crave?

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Answer by Maizey
Try to balance out your other meals so their alot healthier.
I’d recommend you eat all your healthy foods first…in a balanced way..
say..2 fruits..3 vegetables portions…3 protein portions..1 fat portion, 3 dairy portions,
and 1-3 starchy portions (if trying to lose weight).
I recommend too; if your having appetite issues…try having one mostly protein & vegetable meal (e.g. scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, grilled tomato, sauteed mushrooms w/coffee & lemon in water..(this is best early in the day). Or whateve protein and vegetables you enjoy most. This helps me with my appetite if it gets too out of hand.
Try to find out what is the lowest calories in the mcdonalds meal…so say have a cheeseburger but have a big salad/something before your no longer offically ‘hungry’. Choose the healthy options to eat first..and then give yourself ‘permission’ to have a portion of what you crave. Things like apples, grapefruits, yoghurts..really help to fill you up.
And try to have the thing you crave later in the day than earlier. I find if i give in to a craving early…i may crave all day long.
Hope that helps somehow.

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