Has Anyone Heard of Protracted Withdrawals From Street Drugs and Anti-Depressants?

Question by Jonny M123: has anyone heard of Protracted Withdrawals from street drugs and anti-depressants?
I was wondering if anyone had any information personal,studies, or anecdotal about protracted withdrawals from street drugs and anti-depressants. What I mean is the idea that drugs get trapped/absorbed into your fat cells while using them. In times of stress, weight loss, etc. these drugs can go back into your bloodstream and cause symptoms like depression, anxiety, and nausea. There are some drug treatment programs that actually use sauna treatments to remove these fat cell drugs. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by mramell48
Only if the drug itself is fat soluble. Check to see which is water soluble and fat soluble. The fat soluble drugs might hang in the fat cells quite a while, but as far as actual withdraw, i doubt it. If you want to feel real withdraw get addicted to heroin. The rest of them are childs play in comparison. Any other withdraw will be a walk in the park. Ive been on all types of drugs over the years but will never take anti-d’s again and have been a heroin addict too.
Most just leave after a few days or so. Heroin sticks around for what seems like eternity especially after several years of use.

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