Father of West Mesa Victim Reaches Out to at-Risk Teens


Father of West Mesa victim reaches out to at-risk teens – girls from ending up where his daughter did — buried on the west mesa. crystal kobza has the story. dan valdez continues to spend his time getting his daughter’s story across to at-risk teens– sending a clear message about engaging in risky behavior. “bring awareness they could be here today and gone tomorrow.” valez’s daugther michelle valdez, was one of 11 women found buried on the minute thumbnail 05:15 pm west mesa. telling michelle’s story to these teens doesn’t come easy, but valdez says it’s worth it. “if it takes them a little while the so be it, but at least i was able and i feel good to get out there for them.” for dr. linda kay smith, most of the teens she deals with at the bernalillo county services center– their troubles run deep. from having parents who aren’t around, dropping out of school, and drug use. “hopefully they will listen, they will think about what happened, they will consider that yes, it could happen to me.” she says– the hope is– these at-risk teens will not become the next story or even statistic. “part of being an typical adolescent is disaster happens to other people it never happens to me.” for dan valdez, it remain a mystery as to who killed his daughter. but he never looses hope. “there are really no answers other than the search for those answers, by doing this it makes me feel that im minute thumbnail 05:16 pm searching out there for the aners.” crystal kobza. kob eyewitness news 4. if your organzation is interested in having dan


'Friday Night Football Patrol' tackles substance abuse

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24 at Desert Ridge High School in Mesa. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and volunteers from the county attorney's office will visit 10 area high schools during the current football season and offer students a chance to sign a drug-free pledge.
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Court Docket: Aug. 19, 2012

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… Obtain/Procure Dangerous Drug by Fraud, Bond $ 20000. Samuel Keith Kerr, 34, Mesa, Aggravated Driving Under the Influence (2 counts), Criminal Impersonation, Bond $ 1000. … Gabriel Angel Sanchez, 25, Rimrock, Disorderly Conduct with Deadly Weapon …
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Mesa police: Man, woman lead officers on chase

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A witness who called police at about 9 a.m. also said it appeared the man had a gun, said Mesa Police Detective Steven Berry. As police were responding, the couple, who are not married, climbed into an SUV and drove to a nearby Walgreens drug store, …
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