CIA Linked to Crack Cocaine Epidemic


CIA Linked to Crack Cocaine Epidemic – Daily News @ RevolutionNews.US ~ A former narcotics agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration said today that he could document evidence that his agency knew of the shipments of cocaine flown from Central America to the United States. Celerino Castillo III confirmed the charges of a three-part series published by the San Jose Mercury News written by Gary Webb, which said that during the 1980’s the Central Intelligence Agency backed Contras who were involved in selling crack cocaine to LA street gangs to get money for their military. Civil Rights activists Dick Gregory, Joe Madison, Mark Thompson, Dr. John Newman and Rev. Joseph Lowery, president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, appeared with former DEA agent Castillo at a press conference at the JW Marriott Hotel. They demanded that the DEA immediately release the Castillo records. Castillo said that he began recording narcotics trafficking in 1986, while investigating these activities at Ilo Pango, a US air base in El Salvador. He said he logged the amounts of cocaine, the identification numbers of the air planes, informant numbers, and even the names of the pilots who were involved in the shipments. Castillo said he sent those reports to the DEA headquarters in Washington but no action was taken. This morning, he provided DEA case details including document file numbers to the media. “It’s really sad that they are trying to hide this from the American people,” Castillo said. “These are the people who


Ask Dr. K: Anthony L. Komaroff: There are degrees of drug abuse

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Dear Dr. K: I think I may have a drug problem. But how can I tell if I'm truly addicted? Dear Reader: The world is not divided neatly into those who are "addicts" and those who are not. More and more, doctors are viewing substance use as a spectrum …
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Why Addiction is NOT a Brain Disease

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Addiction to substances (e.g., booze, drugs, cigarettes) and behaviors (e.g., eating, sex, gambling) is an enormous problem, seriously affecting something like 40% of individuals in the Western world. Attempts to define addiction in concrete scientific …
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Drug addict who robbed fast food outlet had been mugged earlier

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Robert Chamberlain (29) was in the midst of a relapse into drug use at the time but has since taken steps to address his addiction and described the incident as his “biggest regret ever.” Chamberlain of Hazelwood, Gorey pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit …
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