Chat With Becky Bristow – Director of “Dog Gone Addiction”


Chat with Becky Bristow – director of “Dog Gone Addiction” – Chat with Becky Bristow, director of “Dog Gone Addiction”, at the film’s 2007 Calgary International Film Festival screening. For more, see http://kempton.wor…


Where do you stand on kids using social media?

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I definitely don't want him using social media and the Internet as much as I do when he gets older, but I do believe if, used properly, social media and technology can help children without leading to mental disorders and addiction. Social media and …
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Judge's explanation call for sex offences caution

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Mr Rees said officers made a cursory check and saw he had been engaging in sexually explicit chat and had been transferring pornography. They then seized his iPad to make further investigations. … He said he had an addiction to messaging people …
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Recall of Colorado gun controller gets enough signatures

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Study: You Can Lose 17 Pounds in One Month. Do You Support Giving Illegals Citizenship? Vote Here Now. What's This? What do you think? Do you consider yourself to be a supporter of the Tea Party movement? Yes, I support it. No, I oppose it. I'm not sure.
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