How Do Yuo Stop Yourself From Getting a Drug Addition When U Have to Take Drugs?

Question by : how do yuo stop yourself from getting a drug addition when u have to take drugs?
i hav problems with depression and anxiety so im getting help at this head space thing i’ve Just moved up from tasmania to queensland n i dnt want peeps thinking im a freak n i hav trouble trusting peeps to so i Just ain’t Gunner Make friends 4 a while but now there bout to put me on sum antidepressants im already trying my best to get out of another addiction that ive had 4 a while so im trying to sorta change the addiction to something else what if that sum thing else turns out to b drugs im tunes scared what do i do? the other addiction has been round for a few years and if it dnt go soon i wont be ables to get rid of it

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Answer by Dangyo
Why do people rely on prescription drugs? You act like if you don’t have it then you’re doomed. People that are in counseling for drug addictions have to quit everything. There is no exceptions. I promise you that you don’t need all that crap. Do it the natural way. Anxiety pills are way addicting sense you get a type of a high off them. JUNK EM!

-EDIT- Hey, I am just telling you the truth. I am not trying to be rude or anything. Sorry if you felt that way =(

Answer by Recovery4life09
You can”t exactly get addicted to anti-depressants unless they are sedatives…which most likely they are not. Ask you doctor next time you go if you can be put on a non-addictive medicine. Most anti-depressants aren’t addictive anyway. The only thing they can do is help really.

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