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How Can I Get Into a Drug Rehab With No Money,in Southeastern, PA?

Question by john b: how can i get into a drug rehab with no money,in southeastern, PA?
i’m in kensington ,philadelphia and i need a dual diagnosis rehab for 30 days or more, i have opiate dependency, and bipolar disorder w/anxiety. i was in a rehab last week when my… Continue reading

What Does Drug Cross- Dependence Mean?

Question by sarah: what does drug cross- dependence mean?

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Answer by Mathieu
It depends- there are several possible definitions:

1) Cross-dependence (also known as cross-addiction) means that a person is “addicted to everything.” Sometimes in an AA or NA meeting, for example, a person will say “I… Continue reading

Drug Addiction- Prescription?

Question by TommyBBaLL: Drug Addiction- prescription?
My brother is addicted to oxy contin and has been for the passed 7 years. He has messed up repeatedly, and always comes up with a new bullshit story to explain to my mother and stepfather. They have known about his addiction for… Continue reading

Zac Efron S Uphill Battle Against Drug Addiction


Zac Efron s Uphill Battle Against Drug Addiction – news,abc,barack obama,fox news,song,cnn news today,abc news,cnn news,chris brown interview,tv bloopers,nbc news,cbs news,abc news special report,abc news tod…


Toronto mayor admits he has bought illegal drugs – CBS 5 – KPHO

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Toronto Mayor… Continue reading

Melanotan (One) “afamelanotide” NBC News Report, November 1991


Melanotan (one) “afamelanotide” NBC News report, November 1991 – Melanotan (one) “afamelanotide” discovery by researchers at the University of Arizona in Tucson as explained by NBC News’ Robert Bazell (with Tom Brokaw introduction) in a November 1991 News report. Melanotan (one) is now being developed in Australia as a… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Treatment Mesa

Drug Rehab Treatment Mesa Photos

PDF file Division Of Youth Corrections
During the first thirty days of a youth’s commitment, Grand Mesa staff conduct a . thorough assessment to determine treatment needs in such areas as criminogenic risk, substance abuse, mental health, education/vocation, family functioning, and medical. … View Document

Alcohol Treatment Programs Mesa

Alcohol Treatment Programs Mesa

PDF file What You Need To Know……………….. SOME BASIC INFORMATION
Process cleans the body of the toxic effects of drugs and alcohol, while under the supervision of a medical staff in a hospital, inpatient setting. • Residential: These are intensive, structured treatment and recovery programs • ECS Kearny Mesa Regional Recovery… Continue reading