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Do Any Members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Still Use Drugs?

Question by Wesley: Do any members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers still use drugs?
Just wondering if any of them did?

Best answer:

Answer by Joe Paterno’s ball boy
Yes they all used heroin and crack cocaine

Answer by MartianAmbassador
They did, but not anymore.

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Can Someone Give Me a General Idea of My Problem?

Question by Mr. BIG: Can someone give me a general idea of my problem?
I am a 27yr old male 220lbs healthy. I was beaten and caged(in a house)for 15yrs before someone finaly killed them.
I drank n drugged till I was 19 (good times) and finally got sent… Continue reading

Lunch and Learn: Substance Abuse Awareness – (5 of 6)


Lunch and Learn: Substance Abuse Awareness – (5 of 6) – The Pinal County Employee Wellness Coalition hosted a “Lunch and Learn” lecture in Florence. The topic was “Substance Abuse Awareness. The guest speaker was Cindy Schaider from the Casa Grande Alliance. Schaider is a nationally recognized expert on… Continue reading

Substance Abuse?

Question by sendzik04: substance abuse?
Can someone please tell me why substance abuse happens

Best answer:

Answer by Pookeygirl
There are many factors contributing to substance abuse. Genetic predisposition is one. If your parents were addicts, you are at higher risk.
Chemical imbalance in the brain can cause addiction.… Continue reading