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Question About Social Work Degree and Sociology?

Question by Tiff: Question about Social Work Degree and Sociology?
What you would say is the difference between a bachelors in Social work and a Bachelors in Sociology with a concretion in social work? When looking for a job, what type of places would look at me for both… Continue reading

What Is With the High Crime in Oregon?

Question by ashizz: What is with the high crime in Oregon?
I’ve done some research on cities in Oregon and it seems even the smallest cities in Oregon have high crime. I go to to get info. And if you check out Oregon alot of the cities from… Continue reading

Are There Any FREE Drug Rehab Centers in Tucson, Arizona for Heroin Addicts?

Question by blondie220: Are there any FREE drug rehab centers in Tucson, Arizona for Heroin Addicts?

Best answer:

Answer by Carly L
not drugs- hugs
shoot for the stars! not heroin-
best of luck- ask your current doctor or check out your phone book 🙂

Know better? Leave your… Continue reading